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Welcome to The Center

You’ve found The Center for Whitley County Youth, an award winning*, non-profit, community-based, youth development organization benefiting Whitley County since 2005.

Thriving young people don’t just happen. They are taught, they are led, they are loved. That’s why we are passionate about working with local middle and high school students and nudging them toward strong caring relationships, good character, positive recreation, educational and service opportunities, and spiritual development. We invest in our kids by meeting them at the center of their lives, in the whirlwind of activities that are described on this site.

A Week At The Center

*Impact Recognition

2012 Greg Woll Excellence in Leadership Award- Whitley County Youth for Christ

2011 "Show Us Your Results" Challenge Winner- Dekko Foundation (1-5 winners from 100 applicants in 5 states)

2008 "Best Program" Award- Northeast Region of the Governor's Commission for a Drug-Free Indiana

2006 "Jewel of the Community" Award- Columbia City Area Chamber of Commerce

You’ve found The Center for WCY
The Center of exciting youth development activities
The Center of connection
The Center of creative learning
The Center of spiritual support
The Center of opportunities

Discover the story of the many students whose lives have been touched by the life-changing work of The Center.

Because The Center’s mission is so important to students, we do not charge fees for participation. Our programs are funded entirely by contributions from local individuals, businesses, churches, service clubs & foundations, and receives no tax-supported government funding.

Why Get Involved?

Emily, 13
I enjoy when we are here, it’s as if we are in a safe-haven. We aren’t just treated as students, but like family. I enjoy that we are allowed to do things we find interesting. Being here has made me a better person. Thank you!
Aeris, 17
The Center has put me in positions where I have had to get out of my comfort zone and grow as a leader. It has also helped me become a stronger and more caring person. I have grown more than expected over the past three years. The Center has also put me in positions where I work with younger students. This expereince has opened so many doors for me to connect with students and has challenged me to grow because I know younger students are looking up to me!
I honestly believe that summer camp and the Boundary Waters trip have matured him. He ran for and was elected Vice President of his Freshman class. I believe the leadership skills he has learned helped him with this accomplishment.