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You’ve found The Center for Whitley County Youth, an award-winning*, non-profit, community-based, youth development organization benefiting Whitley County since 2005.

Thriving young people don’t just happen. They are taught, they are led, and they are loved. That’s why we are passionate about working with local middle and high school students and nudging them toward strong caring relationships, good character, positive recreation, educational and service opportunities, and spiritual development.

We invest in our kids by meeting them at the center of their lives, in the whirlwind of activities that are described on this site.

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*Because The Center’s mission is so important to students, we do not charge fees for participation. Our programs are funded entirely by contributions from local individuals, businesses, churches, service clubs & foundations, and receives no tax-supported government funding.

The Center for Whitley County Youth

You've Found The Center for WCY!

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"Jewel of the Community" Award- Columbia City Area Chamber of Commerce


"Best Program" Award- Northeast Region of the Governor's Commission for a Drug-Free Indiana


"Show Us Your Results" Challenge Winner- Dekko Foundation (1-5 winners from 100 applicants in 5 states)


Greg Woll Excellence in Leadership Award- Whitley County Youth for Christ